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Tahrir Square history

Tahrir Square is a few of the areas in Cairo, with good planningas unique fork to form a beam to a not insignificant number of the most important streets and squares of the Egyptian capital ofCairo, including:
Grove Street where the most important shopping centers in downtown Cairo in addition to many banks and state institutionssuch as the Middle East News Agency, which is located in thefork of St. Hoda Shaarawi, off Orchard Road.
Mohamed Mahmoud Bassiouni Street.
Talaat Harb Street.
Tahrir Street.
Street astronomer.
Kasr Al-Aini Street (which houses the headquarters of nine ministries and also includes an Egyptian People's Assembly andShura).
Talaat Harb Square.
The field of martyr Abdul Moneim Riad.
Mohamed Farid field.
Champollion Street.
Kasr El Nil Street.

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